Hillary Clinton for VP? Just curious…

I don’t know if anybody out there is still reading since I’ve become very unsteady about posting to the blog in the last few weeks, but just in case…

I have very mixed feelings about whether Barack Obama should invite Hillary Clinton onto the ticket.  What do you think?

8 Responses to Hillary Clinton for VP? Just curious…

  1. billie says:

    I’m not sure I can articulate this clearly, so forgive me in advance if I’m not totally clear. But I don’t think it would be a good idea. It could appear to be a pity nomination, it could seem that we (Americans) can only get a woman into that kind of position of power if she is subordinated to a man (she couldn’t do it on her own; a man had to help her) … it could perpetuate the notion that women are weaker … There’s more, I think, and I have some fears too, but those can wait for another post.

  2. Ryan says:

    Like you, Seth, I have mixed feelings. I think it might be a great idea in terms of winning the election, but it might be disastrous for the ensuing administration. Too many cooks in the kitchen, as it were. I’ve heard rumors about Clinton for Supreme Court, should Obama have the opportunity to make that nomination, and frankly I think that would be a far better place for someone as intelligent and thoughtful as Clinton than a VP spot, which, as Billie points out, might just look like a pity nomination.

  3. Joe Bourgeois says:

    No way.

    It would completely undercut his larger message — that a politics of 50.1%, better not upset the right-wingers — is dead.

  4. Matt says:

    I supported Hillary but do not think it is a good idea. We need someone who may deliver a state that Obama wouldn’t get anyway. Furthermore, Bill has become a liability. I’m liking the Hillary for Supreme Court idea: A place where she would be a good influence and “loose cannon” Bill would not be an important factor.

  5. Sean Snyder says:

    Seth, I also share mixed feelings. Hillary must be involved somehow; I don’t think a VP position would work in the general election due to the large amount of press coverage that highlighted them attacking each other. (Though there are many months for recovery) I found any of that press coverage more interesting than anything McCain had to say.

    Hillary in the Supreme Court would be awesome, that branch needs more balance. No doubt, she is inspiring!

  6. Sean Snyder says:

    maybe Joe Biden for VP?

  7. sethkahn says:

    One of my colleagues in Poli Sci is advocating Jim Webb of VA for VP. Webb is a vet with a son in Iraq and could go toe-to-toe with McCain on the war-hero-icon thing. He’s certainly more conservative than I’d like, but so is Obama. He’s very popular in VA, so that might help sway an otherwise pretty Republican state. Hmm… Glad I don’t have to be in charge of making these decisions.

  8. Deanya says:

    Well, one way to ensure that Obama does not get assassinated is to have Clinton as VP; the same crazy rednecks who have it in for him would let him live rather than have her in office. (I know, I know, my opinions are always totally inappropriate. I just call ’em like I see ’em, tho.)
    I’ve been an Obama gurl all along, but I’m still not sure that a man of even mixed color can win in the U.S. yet. He needs a white male running mate, but then again, that would also be a dangerous move for him physically. He’s in a real catch-22.
    If only I didn’t live in the south (and weren’t from here) then I could pretend that these attitudes don’t exist. …

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