And now we turn our attention to Senator McCain

Back in April, I explained on the blog that I was one of those Hillary supporters who would support Obama if he won the nomination. I intend to hold to that declaration, invoked in the wake of Obama’s clinching last night. I understand why Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to make her concession formal yet, and I hope Obama supporters are willing to give it a little time instead of attacking her for it.

I have mixed feelings about Hillary asking for, receiving, or accepting a VP nomination. I think she’d be good at it. I think she’d be good at it. I think she made a good enough case for a Presidential nomination to deserve a shot at #2. But I’m not sure that: (1) she and Obama can work together (no real way to test that, unfortunately, that I can think of); and (2) that she can deliver the votes he needs. History has shown pretty clearly that few people vote for a Prez because of the VP candidate. So I’m not sure the demographic groups HRC did well with are going to vote for Obama just because HRC’s on the ticket.

Whoever he chooses, I’ll still vote for him, barring something cataclysmic (and true). I’m sure the Rs are going to ramp up and trump up all kinds of attacks against Obama, none of which are likely to be true. As the party’s “plumbers” have shown over the years, they have no problem lying. John McCain would do well to remember that, since he’s been a target of it. If he allows another Swiftboat-mob to do its thing against Obama on his watch, then he’s more of a lying hypocritical dirtbag than I could have imagined.

As for McCain himself, it’s become clear that his maverick reputation is a hoax. He’s changed positions more often than I’ve changed my socks during the campaign so far, and I really like clean socks. If John Kerry was a “flip-flopper,” then McCain must be really dizzy all the time from his bouncing back and forth.

And yet somehow he manages to take positions I disagree with on almost everything. It’s not even that he’s flipping between conservative and liberal positions. He’s flipping between old- and neo-conservative positions, which aren’t consistent but are much more aligned than they are with anything I believe. That is, he’s pandering to the various constituencies within his party. Not that there’s anything wrong with trying to convince different people to vote for you, but it’s hard to proclaim yourself as a person operating from first principles while at the same time selling those principles out for votes at every turn.

To those who see McCain as Bush III: I don’t. I think he’s worse.

On that happy note…

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