Waking up on the day after

Turned in my grades yesterday, a full 14 hours ahead of the deadline :).  The distribution was really high, which I (would like to) believe reflects the really hard thinking and working the students did.  Sure, I was generous grading the WRT 205 students because I was really slow giving them feedback on papers, and because I struggled with my e-mail for most of the semester.  Stuff kept getting lost, sent back for no reason, etc.  Sure makes me more sympathetic to students’ claims that the internet ate their homework.  No, I’m not joking.

Ann and I were hoping to spend today at 6 Flags riding roller coasters.  We could still spend the day there, but not riding coasters because they’re not open weekdays yet.  Instead, I’ll spend today continuing to work on the RSA paper I have to give in Seattle next week.  It’s about halfway drafted, maybe a little more, at this point.  I have to write now about the debate over the July 1 strike date, which is kind of the crux of the matter.  So it’s less space but more complicated, which is always a tricky balance.

Looking forward to Seattle.  If you read this and you’re going to be at RSA, leave a note telling me so (unless you’re Cheryl, Kevin, or Ken–I know you’ll be there).

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