In the last couple of days, I’ve become a target of the neo-conservative attempt to silence academics who don’t subscribe to and propagate neo-conservative views. “Jane,” a commenter on one of my blog posts, tells me that I’m committing treason by indoctrinating my students into my liberal worldview, and that she’s going to turn me over to “every conservative” blog/media outlet in the country so they can “expose” me for what I am.

If you’re one of those neo-conservatives who’s reading the blog in order to find fodder for your claims, you should understand something. I’ve seen how you operate. I’ve seen Horowitz, Ingraham, Coulter and the like fling accusations and innuendo around, hoping to scare people like me into silence. That’s not going to happen.

Instead, I simply refuse, a priori, to respond to accusations that don’t have any evidence to warrant them. Am I a leftist? Yes. Do I love my country? Yes. Do I support revolution in the streets and violent overthrows of governments? No. Do I indoctrinate students? No. Do I believe in democracy in all its forms? Yes, which is why I both expect you to pursue your witch-hunt and support your right to do it.

However, if you spend time posting on your blogs or mine willy-nilly accusations about what you think I must be doing just because of your assumptions about me, those won’t deserve responses.

I’m not the dangerous one here, folks.

2 Responses to Treason

  1. Jenn Halligan says:

    Dear any conservatives who read this:

    I know Seth Kahn will not want me posting this as a student because he will not want his students to get involved, but I am going to post this anyway.

    I am an English Education major with a Spanish minor at West Chester University. In Fall 2007, my first semester here at WCU, I had Seth Kahn for English 194, which is Conventions of Reading and Writing. It is an introductory literary theory course. I had Seth at 8AM every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

    Except for one instance where it related to the literary theory we were discussing, he has never, ever, ever, discussed politics in his class.


    He treats his students with the ABSOLUTE, UTMOST RESPECT. He encourages debates and discussions in the classroom over topics where he is simply a moderator. As a professor with tenure, he could be very open about his beliefs and not get in trouble. I have seen other professors do this. However, he does not. Why? Because he respects his students’ opinions and beliefs.

    Every single student I have ever talked to has done nothing but praise him and his classes. Every student I have recommended his class to has done nothing but praise him as well.

    I have been fortunate enough to share something in common with Seth that has brought us closer and created a mutual understanding between the two of us. And it is NOT politics. You may ask what it is, and if he wishes, I will reveal.

    I am incredibly upset and distraught to hear that Seth is being accused of being a professor who imposes his views in the classroom. That is absurd and absolutely unheard of.

    I am sorry that any of you ever feel this way.

    If any of you have any more questions of how Seth runs his classroom, I will gladly answer any of your questions. Feel free to e-mail me at I usually answer my e-mails quickly, but because it is finals week I cannot promise a quick response. I will do my very best to answer any and all of your questions on Seth’s classroom.

    Jennifer Halligan

  2. Jenn Rothstein says:

    Not to repeat the above comment, but everything Jennifer said is absolutely true. I was in Seth’s WRT 205 class and don’t recall any situation in which his political views were brought up in the classroom. I would also be willing to tell anyone who is wondering about the conditions of Seth’s classes:

    Jenn Rothstein

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