Friday musings

It’s a gorgeous spring day.  Friday morning, 9:30’ish, been up for hours.  It’s already almost warm enough for shorts.  My favorite day of the year is the first time I can wear shorts without having to change–not quite there yet, but it’s close!

I’m sitting at the counter in Fennario, the world’s coolest coffeeshop.  Megan is playing Rage Against the Machine, which is always fun music to write to.  When it’s done, I’ll see if she’s interested in some Fishbone!  It’s just that kind of day.  Possible, though, that the lyrics are too R-rated.  We’ll see.

Working today on the proposal and intro for the Rhetorical Activists collection.  I’d like to get it back to the editor by Monday.  We’ve been strolling through this proposal process for too long now and need to get it done.  I suspect that contributors may be close to pulling their submissions if we don’t get a contract in short order, and I don’t want that to happen.  We chose them because we think they’re contributions are crucial to the book.

An interesting academic tidbit from yesterday.  A flashback, first, just for some context: last month, I got an e-mail from the chair of our campus’ Human Subjects Committee, which I’ve been interested in serving on for years.  Paul has known this, so he contacted me that he had open seat for me.  I told him I certainly wanted it, and have been waiting to hear back with details ever since.  So yesterday, I finally get an e-mail from him, not with confirmation that I’ve been selected, but with a request for an “application.”  Apparently, the Provost appoints faculty to the HSC, with recommendation from the VP for Sponsored Research, so I had to submit a CV and answer questions about why I want to sit on the committee and what I bring to it.  I don’t have a problem, in principle, with an application process to a committee that’s responsible for legal issues; I just wish Paul had told me this weeks ago.  Moreover, the e-mail he sent me said nothing about how much detail they wanted in response to the questions.  So I blasted off a paragraph about each, hoping it’s enough.  For a moment, I felt like my students when I refuse to give them length instructions, wondering how to think about issues of scope, detail, etc.  Dunno how long it’ll take the powers-that-be to decide what to do with the application.  Say a prayer/invocation/happyvibesong.

I should spend the rest of the day grading, but I’m in the mood to write today.  I guess as long as I get the grading done by Tuesday, that’s OK.  I need to spend some time working on my RSA paper, since there won’t be more than a few minutes here and there to write it before I have to present it.  Also hoping to hear soon from the folks at Watson about the proposal we submitted.  Let the games begin!

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