And now back to our show!

CCCC is over.  APSCUF elections are over.  Now we have just a few weeks left to the semester.  The pile of things to grade is growing, of course, although now I have some time to devote to shrinking it.  My classes are all in good shape in terms of tasks and assignments.

Not too long ago I wrote about the learning curve that newly-tenured faculty encounter.  With another week or two of retrospect (hee hee), I’m starting to relearn a lesson I thought I’d learned well enough the first time.  Given enough diligence and energy, work gets done when it needs to.  It doesn’t always get done as well as it should; the processes aren’t always as efficient as they could be.  Those refinements come with more time.  But the work gets done.

Another lesson, which I believe in the abstract but am struggling to enact, is that integrating the work within some kind of vision helps to expedite and improve it.  I certainly believe that working hard to help elect a new APSCUF president will improve conditions for students and faculty on all our campuses; if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t have done the work.  Likewise, as I begin to pursue new research and writing that’s more labor-focused, I understand the implications of my union work in much more sophisticated terms.  I will probably struggle forever with the administrative part of all this.  Even as I’m writing now, as soon as I start to think about this I feel like I’m getting brain-blocked; it’s been that way for more than a decade now.

The work I do administering the gen-ed program must, as everything else job-related, be about students first.  That means choosing textbooks, providing materials to instructors, doing/reporting observations, setting up workshops, etc has to maintain that focus.

More on this later.

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