Election outcomes

I couldn’t be happier about the way our APSCUF elections worked out on Saturday.  Every candidate I wanted to win won.  Can’t ask for any more than that.

Steve’s presidency certainly has all kinds of wild-card potential.  Nobody really knows what he’s going to do, not even him if you take his word for such things.  But as much as I have respected Pat, her behavior and judgment in the last 8, 9 months just hasn’t been dependable.  No, worse than that.  She became unbelievable, and nothing she did or said during this campaign made that any less problematic.  Burrell, as much as I appreciate his thoughtfulness and his work ethic, just didn’t have what it’s going to take to move the union in a positive direction.  If Steve is as open-minded and democratic as he presents himself, it has to be better than where we’ve been.

I couldn’t be happier about Amy’s winning the VP, and not just because she’s a friend.  She’s the first of a new generation to make it into an elected office.  She does and says and thinks good things.  She works.  She cares about what she’s doing, and who she’s doing it with, and who she’s doing it for.

I’m really glad Chris won the Treasurer’s position.  Nothing particularly against John Henry (he’s generally struck me as honest if not always agreeable), but it’s time for IUP to give up its stranglehold on the EC.  Pat still keeps her seat, as past prez, so JH had to go.

Cliff and Paul sitting together on the Budget Committee ought to be amusing–almost enough to make me care about budgets!

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