APSCUF weekend

Heading off tomorrow afternoon for the APSCUF Legislative Assembly.  It’s gonna be a busy one.  The obvious big issues are the elections and the consultant report.  But we also have to get a report from the Personnel Committee about possible legal counsel replacements.

The elections are going to be really complicated.  As I’ve written elsewhere on this blog, I’m not terribly satisfied with either of the incumbent choices.  I still love Pat and most of what she’s about, but she exhibited such unsound judgment last summer and fall that I don’t want to entrust the remaking of the union to her.  Yes, I know, some of the bylaws revisions will help ensure that the President doesn’t have too much power, but she’s such a charismatic leader that I’m afraid she can overpower those checks.  Burrell is, I think, a very sharp thinker and an ethical guy, but he just hasn’t shown me the leadership skills I need to see.  Yes, I’m all in favor of a more bottom-up union, but somebody has to be at the top.  Steve I liked face-to-face, and I believe he has the qualifications necessary to run the show.  But I agree with another member of our delegation that some of his friendships and allegiances aren’t ours, and that makes me a little nervous.  Other choices are pretty obvious.

The consultant’s report I’ve seen, and heard most of when I met with him the second time.  Although we don’t agree philosophically or tactically about everything, I think his recommendations are generally solid.  I also think that other members of the assembly will disagree, and things could get hairy.  Fortunately I’m already hairy, so that won’t change much.

I’ll be curious to see what Personnel came up with.  Can’t even imagine…

See ya next week!

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