To-do list before leaving for Cs

1.  Finish grading grad students’ progress reports: I read 5 of 9 last night and they’re really good.  Have to finish them today.  As I’m learning more and more, students will use whatever space we leave them to fill with good work, as long as they understand that’s the drill.  At some point, I’ll have to figure out how it is that I help them understand that (when I do–sometimes it doesn’t work and I don’t really know why).

[An interesting side story: two weeks ago, I gave out a chunk of ethnographic fieldnotes from my dissertation research to the class.  Our task in class this week was to work on coding the notes, so the students could have the experience of ripping up data and moving it around in their heads before they had to do it to their own notes.  It hadn’t really occurred to me to think about how my current students would react to reading these descriptions of my teaching from about 7 years ago.  During class on Tues, while they were working in groups, I kept hearing snippets of recognition from the two groups–“Yeah, that’s Seth alright.”  Made me very self-conscious!  I’ll be curious to see what they do with the new handouts, which are segments of the chapter those notes turned into.]

2.  Grade as many of my WRT 205 Experiences of Work papers as I can: not even trying to set a number for myself, just doing as much as possible.  Have to get into my building sometime today or tomorrow, which is always fun on the weekends.  WCU is the only school I’ve ever heard of that doesn’t give faculty keys to our own buildings.

3.  Copy programs for QRN: Could do this in New Orleans, but it’ll be really expensive.

4.  Continue making plans for socializing.  It’s going to be a short visit at Cs for me this year.  Probably won’t get to see everybody I’d like to.

5.  Kill this freakin’ cold.  Ann deserves for me to be healthy, and everybody else would probably prefer that I be less moody.  It’s something about New Orleans, I think.  I get sick every time I go there.

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