Rainy days and hacking always bring me down

What is it about New Orleans that always makes me get sick right before I go there?  Last time I visited the city, Dec 2001, I got the flu on the train on the way there.  Made job interviews an interesting experience!  This was when I discovered the magic of Theraflu.

Just over six years later, I’m preparing to leave on Tues for NOLA again.  As I’ve written elsewhere on the blog, I’ve been fighting a coldish sort of thing for about a month and thought I’d finally vanquished the bastard.  Until I woke up this morning, that is.  The first thing I noticed was the tickly-back-of-the-throat feeling that usually signals something bad happening.  The second thing I noticed was that I started coughing as soon as I sat up.  The third thing was that I could hear the rain outside.  Because of the way sound moves through my apartment, I usually can’t hear rain unless it’s REALLY hard.  Today, fortunately, that wasn’t quite so true, but it certainly didn’t motivate me to get up. 

By the time I did, there wasn’t enough time to make coffee, so I’m only 3 sips into my first cup even now (40 minutes before my first class starts!).  I’m sure I’ll catch up. 

I have sometimes wondered what I would do if I got to play God for 5 minutes.  This morning’s weather convinces me that I’d remake the weather patterns around wherever I happen to live such that it could rain all it wanted between 2 and 4 am (I’m never awake at those times, much less outside).  Maybe 10 days a year it could rain at other times, just for some variety, and of those 10 days, maybe twice we could have wild thunderstorms during the day (because they can be beautiful if you’re in a safe place).  The temperature would be between 80-85 degrees 300 days a year, and we could have 1 significant snow-fall. 

OK, enough of that fantasy…

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