Nice day, cheering up

Just came back in from the dog’s morning constitutional.  It’s 8 am and already warm enough to be outside with a jacket, bright sunny blue sky, beautiful day.

The weather might well have something to do with my being cheerier than I have been for the last several days.  Because I was fighting a cold and dealing with the sprained ankle for a month, I struggled to keep up with some parts of my work that aren’t obvious daily tasks–observation and evaluation reports for faculty, meeting with publishers’ reps about textbooks for our writing program, getting meetings arranged and issues worked out for the writing program, etc.

I hope my mood breaking and my getting caught up on work are related.  At least today–tomorrow it’s supposed to be warm but rainy.

Next week, lots of us head off for 4Cs.  I need to make sure my WRT classes are prepared, by the end of class tomorrow, to handle the week off without losing their momentum.  I like the way those courses are going, in spite of my getting behind on responding to some of their work.  Their thinking is fantastic, and if they’re able to let their writing reflect and extend that thinking, we’ll all be happy.  My grad students are kicking butt.  I’m not worried about them.

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