So here’s what happens when you get involved in stuff you have to learn how to do on the fly…

1.  As co-chairs of the Qualitative Research Network at 4Cs, Heidi McKee and I have worked together for several years now.  Heidi is certainly the organizational wizard–not that she isn’t also visionary and creative and…–but this year, she’s just had a baby and obviously has other things to think about.  In a fit of bad timing, this year, for the first time either of us can remember, the scheduling folks at CCCC put our workshop in a room not equipped with a LCD projector, which our keynote speakers requested.  Now, about a week before the conference, we’re scrambling to figure out what to do.  Heidi isn’t coming, and her department won’t let her ship the projector.  My department doesn’t have a portable, so I can’t take one with me.  CCCC recommended a rental company, but the cost is prohibitive–especially since Heidi and I would be paying out of pocket for it.  How does somebody solve that problem?  If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking :).

2.  My department has reorganized its committee structure this year in order to reflect a huge change in our major curriculum.  As a result of that reorganization and some upper-admin politics, some job responsibilities were unclear, and some work reassignments (I hate the term “releases”) were redistributed, and now a month and some change before the end of the semester, a bunch of work that should have gotten done during the school year hasn’t been.  In particular, the person responsible for handling assessment of our gen-ed writing program last year made some suggestions for assessments this year, and those fell through the cracks while we were trying to figure out who was responsible for what tasks.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind that so much–suggestions are, after all, only suggestions–but the person who’s handling assessment this year is in a tough position.  She has to be able to talk about what we did with those suggestions, and “nothing” isn’t a viable response.  I’m hoping the committee I chair can help clarify some of that…

3.  Overcommitting by getting what I want?  This week, I’ve been asked to take on two major jobs that I’ve wanted to do since I got to WCU: chairing the grievance committee, which will start in the fall, and sitting on the WCU Institutional Review Board/Human Subjects Committee.  Grievance is going to be an insane amount of work; I’ve already begun to sense that having handled only a couple of cases myself and talking with the current chair about others.  IRB, I imagine, is going to be one of those things that I can make a whole bunch of work if I can’t stop myself from having initiatives (assuming, of course, that the ideas I have haven’t already come and gone).

4.  And, of course, APSCUF presidential elections are still pending; our third candidate visits campus on Monday.  Today I’m headed into Philly to meet once again with the consultant we hired to help us revise our negotiations strategies and processes.

pant pant pant…  and oh yes…

5.  Papers to grade, respond to, and other class prep to do.

Happy weekend!

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