Thurs morning

This morning got off to what could have been a bad start, but turned better very quickly; I’m superstitious enough to believe that the rest of the day will follow suit…

I try to get to the coffee shop around 7:30 so I have plenty of time to glance through the paper, do the crossword and sudoku before I try to work.  Although I’m a morning person, I’ve realized that I usually need a couple of hours awake before I can do anything useful.  This morning, I got to the shop a little after 7:30 to discover that it’s not open yet–every once in a while, the opening person oversleeps, no big deal, just makes the day a little off-kilter.  So while I was standing outside wondering what to do, the opener got there, which allowed me to get the ritual back in order.

And a good thing, too, because at about 8:50, my friend Cortie wandered in the door, which reminded me that we’d planned to eat breakfast at the diner across the street at 9.  Had Meredith not shown up at the shop when she did, I’d probably have gone to the diner and had breakfast already, which would have made the planned breakfast, um, less desirable.  I enjoy a good omelet as much as the next person, but two in an hour is too much even for me.

So I got to enjoy a fine breakfast with my friend and read the paper, do the crossword and sudoku.  Win win win, all around!

Now it’s 10:30 and I should be getting to work.  I didn’t do much of what I’d planned for yesterday–as motivated as I thought I was early in the morning, it just didn’t pan out.  Today’s agenda, then, is to do what I should have done yesterday and dent what I’m supposed to do today.  I’ll keep those to myself, though, so nobody can hold me accountable for them :).

A musical note (no pun intended)–if you’re ever in a pissy mood and need an angry song to get you over yourself, try Nomeansno’s “Joyful Reunion.”  Works every time.   Nomeansno is a brilliant band altogether, if you like noisy, loud but smart and well-played punk rock.

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