Warming up

The other day, in my first ever blog post, I explained that one of the reasons I’d resisted having one for so long is that I could see how addicting it is.  Well, three days in, I’m pretty firmly addicted.  I’m hoping that it’s only because this is Spring Break.

Today I have to make some progress through the drafts from my WRT 205 classes.  The ones I’ve read so far have been great, and I don’t know why I’ve been resisting reading them for the last couple of days.  One lesson I’ve been learning for the last few semesters, which is being affirmed this semester, is that students will rise to almost any occasion or challenge given the space.  Although I’ve always been a teacher willing to let students chart the agenda and progression of a course, I’ve tried really hard to keep restructuring the course in those terms.  What I’m learning now is to take the next step past that, which is to let the students do what they do, respond to them as best I can, help them when they need it, and otherwise watch cool things unfold before my eyes!  In my graduate course this semester, the students all seem to feel like they’re flailing around in the dark (which they are), but are slowly coming to grips with the notion that they should be doing precisely that.  That is, flailing is the point, not evidence that they’re doing something wrong.

[Utterly unrelated commented: I’ve decided recently that Superchunk is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and that “Slack Motherf*ucker” is one of my anthems]

If this post seems to wander around, it’s Sonic Youth’s fault.   I can’t write without music on, and “Dirty” is blaring in my headphones right now.  Of course it could be DayQuil’s fault, too, but I’d rather credit a band than a drug…

And now to work.

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