The trouble with joints

I sprained my ankle for the first time when I was about 10 years old. If you’ve suffered an ankle sprain, you know the drill–it’s never the same again. Of course, after probably 10 more sprains and two breaks, it’s certainly not the same.

So one night last week I was out with the dog. She’s nearly 13 years old, and her walks have turned into something more like “drags” and “sniffs.” That is, except for the occasional yank she’s still able to muster sometimes. That particular night, she happened to yank right about the time I was standing on uneven ground, which led to a twist of the ankle–nothing new, usually no big deal, until the next day when I got really sore. Having been through this however many times, I know what to do by now: elevation, ice, ibuprofen, a little kvetching, no problem. I did that, and after a few days was nearly back to normal.

Until this past Friday night; we’re out walking (sniffing, dragging) again and the exact same thing happened. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still not sure I believe it. But I’m hobbling around like an idiot. If my (half) retriever were worth her weight in fur, she could bring me drinks and snacks, but she’s too old and lazy for all that.

I’m thinking she must be getting a kickback from the Ace Bandage folks because I keep losing my ankle-brace. I’m on my second one this week. What else could explain this?

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